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Note: VB.NET developers browse the Tips for VB.NET first.

Download Example Code Click HERE To download two example projects (C# and VB.NET)

Quick Start for Fixed Length files(easy steps)

Or check the Delimited File Example or Record by Record Example

To start using the FileHelpers Library you only need to add a reference in your project to the file: FileHelpers.dll. you can find it in the Release directory of the distribution. Tip: remember to left the FileHelpers.xml file to get Intellisense support.

Next you need to define a class that maps to the record in the source/detination file.
For this example we use a file with this format:


So you must write this class:


Later you need to create a FileHelperEngine and Read/Write files:


Finally we can use the res array to access each item in the file, for example:


See also

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